Bitchcraft #07, Scene #03

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Running time: 22:07 min

Scene Info - Bitchcraft #07, Scene #03

Audrianna Angel is observed strolling half-nude and shackled down the hallway, ballgag in mouth, at some very pleasing angles. Fade to: brash redheaded brit Sophie Dee crouched on the can, complaining about the lack of toilet paper. In lieu of tp, Sophie has Audrianna clean her pussy and asshole with her tongue. In the living room, Sophie poses her slavegirl against a post and thoroughly, erotically flogs her, ripping open her latex blouse to whip and bite her nipples. Then she sends Audrianna on a crawl out to the balcony. Relaxing with her boots hooked in the railing, Sophie ejaculates in great waves all over Audrianna's face. Next, Sophie conducts her to the pool table, bending her over and treating her ass and pussy like the holes in a bowling ball before shoving a buttplug up the hapless girl's bunghole. A long, clear nightstick of a dildo stretches out Audrianna's pussy before it's her turn to service Sophie in the ass with it, fingerfucking her cunt at the same time. Audrianna is pressed into a long session of mouth to ass service, Sophie humiliating her verbally as she engulfs the girl's face with her huge cheeks. Then Sophie puts Audrianna on the couch so she can go snuffling for truffles in her sexy shaved pussy. Finally, Sophie puts plastic clothespins all over Audrianna's body, including the most tender parts, and leaves her helpless and whining.